Land Tenure and Property Rights Challenges and Solutions: A Survey of USAID Best Practices

Sep 15, 2010Sep 16, 2010
George Mason University - Arlington Campus - Hazel Hall - Room 332

Dr. Greg Myers is a Senior Land Tenure and Property Rights Specialist on the NRM Land Resource Management Team at USAID.

The Land Tenure and Property Rights (LTPR) workgroup helps to foster a better understanding of the central role LTPR plays in development and development assistance:

Demand for assistance in addressing property rights issues is increasing from both United States Agency for International Development (USAID) field missions and host country governments. The increase in demand is due, in part, to a growing awareness among development practitioners of the role played by property rights (and natural resources access and use) in economic growth, governance, and conflict and resourcemanagement. USAID and its partners have learned a great deal over the last three decades about the relationship between property rights and economic growth, productivity, and, to a lesser extent, natural resource management andconflict. There are several important lessons learned from the last decade of research and policy work on property rights with a particular emphasis on land tenure.

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