Life in Liberia: Building for the Future

Jun 19, 2006

Just over six months ago, Liberia took a monumental step forward, electing President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to rebuild and restore peace and stability for all Liberians.  Liberia represented the future as the first independent African nation, yet following years of civil war and brutal regimes, Liberia found herself stripped of her natural resources and eager for change.  In her time as President, what changes has Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf instituted to create and foster freedom and prosperity?  How can the US government best support Liberia during this crucial period of transition? 

To address these questions and offer a first-hand account of their native country, Professors Edward Lama Wonkeryor and James Guseh will facilitate a discussion between policymakers and academics.  This forum is meant to be interactive and allow each side the opportunity to share ideas as they relate to the challenges facing Liberia.  We look forward to the dialogue that is sure to ensue and hope you are able to join us.