Linking Performance to the Budget (Part 2)

Dec 02, 2003Dec 04, 2003



Session One:  Tuesday, December 2 
Linking Cost to Performance
Dr. Lloyd Blanchard
Senior Advisor for Financial Management 

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Session Two:  Wednesday, December 3 
Performance Evaluation
David Ziegele
Director of the Office of Planning, Analysis and Accountability
Environmental Protection Agency 

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Session Three:  Thursday, December 4
Organizational Capability – What Does It Take To Do This?
John Kamensky
Director, Managing for Results Practice
IBM Business Consulting Center
Hon. Maurice McTigue, Q.S.O
Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Mercatus Center at George Mason University 

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Designed specifically for senior committee staff and federal personnel, participants will leave with a helpful set of tools for effective public sector management, as well as a stronger ability to judge agency management and resource use.  Questions that will be covered in the program include:

  • What is GPRA about?  Why is it important to both the executive and legislative branches?
  • What is a “performance budget” and how is it built?
  • What is the Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART), and is it useful in the Congressional oversight and appropriations process?
  • Are opportunities being lost in the current appropriations process?  If so, how might the process be improved?