Montenegro: The Challenges of a Newborn State

Oct 10, 2007
Mercatus Center

Event Video

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University presents a panel discussion on Montenegro: The Challenges of a Newborn State, a recent installment in the Mercatus Policy Series. The panel will include authors Frederic Sautet and Kyle McKenzie of the Mercatus Center, and Svetozar Pejovich, professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University.

The discussion will focus around the recently-independent nation of Montenegro, its history of economic reforms, the impediments to progress it currently faces, and possible policy and constitutional reforms that might benefit the young nation in the future including the thorny issue of EU ascension. Montenegro is an exciting and important case study since it represents the difficulties, but also the hopes, that Eastern European countries face in their transition towards greater freedom. The event will feature commentary from Emeritus Professor of economics at Texas A&M University Steve Pejovich, a native of Montenegro. 

PDF- Montenegro: The Challenges of A Newborn State