New York City Supporter and Friend Lunch

Nov 17, 2011

Event Speakers

Jason J. Fichtner

Former Senior Research Fellow

Supporters and friends are invited to join Mercatus Center scholar Dr. Jason Fichtner for lunch and discussion on the systemic problems of the federal budget and ways to help Congress bring fiscal responsibility to Washington.

From its beginnings in the White House, through the many roles Congress takes to authorize and enforce the budget, Jason will navigate the twisting, puzzling conglomeration of bureaucratic steps, political goals, and accounting rules that go into making our government function. Please join Dr. Fichtner as he illustrates the structural and practical flaws that plague the budget process, and provides practical solutions for how the budget process can be fixed.

This is not a fundraising event and there is no charge to join us. For questions, please contact Ashley Schiller at (703) 993-9228 or