New York City Supporter and Friend Lunch

May 14, 2014

Event Speakers

Russell Roberts

Affiliated Senior Scholar

Please join us for a special lunch with Russ Roberts, as he discusses “Talking Freedom to Hearts and Minds.” In other words...why aren’t there free-market folk songs?

We know that heart-warming stories and catchy anecdotes are more memorable, more salient and more convincing than facts and logic. However, we rarely see people who work to advance free market ideas rely on more than logic and facts to carry their arguments. How do we improve our messaging to communicate our ideas effectively? How can we make people sing about the ideas of free markets around the campfire?

This is not a fundraising event, and there is no charge to join us. We are pleased to have you as our guest to show our thanks and appreciation to our donors. Dress is business casual. Questions? Contact Jason Wilbanks at or (703) 993-8297.