Perspectives on Russia

May 12, 2004May 13, 2004


Session One: May 12
Russia’s Since 1991
Dr. Peter Boettke
Professor of Economics
George Mason University

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Session Two: May 13
Views of Russia’s Future

Dr. Peter Boettke
Professor of Economics
George Mason University

William Robinson, JD
William Robinson PLLC

Yuri Mamchur III, JD 
Russian State Tax Academy

Since the collapse of communism in the early 90’s, Russian-American relations have developed significantly.  While Russia continues to experience economic and political growing pains, the potential for collaboration in business, international politics, and in global forums has never been greater for the United States.  Dr. Peter Boettke, an expert in transitional economies, will assess the progress Russia has made since the demise of the Soviet Union.  Dr. Boettke will share his insights into Russia’s prospects for continued growth, increased participation in the world economy, and further contribution to international stability and prosperity.

Optimistic view: William Robinson has been involved in land reform and entrepreneurial ventures since the collapse of communism.  In addition, he has led efforts at promoting civil society through the creation of Rotary Clubs through out the Russian Federation.  Mr. Robinson has traveled extensively through out Siberia and the other regions of the former Soviet Union and is quite positive about the short-term future of Russia. 

Pessimistic view: Yuri Mamchur, a composer, foundation officer, and educator, will present a contrasting view of his native country in an attempt to explain how he sees Russia working.  While Mr. Mamchur is optimistic about the long-term future and potential of Moscow and the regions, he remains concerned with many perceived barriers to economic development, restraints on free speech, and obstacles to an expansion of civil society.