Proxy Advisory System: Why It Matters and How We Can Fix It

Nov 04, 2015
Rayburn House Office Building 2168 (Gold Room)

Event Speakers

James K. Glassman

J. W. Verret

Senior Affiliated Scholar

Event Video

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University invites you to join Mercatus Financial Markets Working Group scholars James K. Glassman and J.W. Verret and former SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher for a Regulation University panel discussion of an issue vital to corporate governance, proxy advisory services. Proxy advisors (PAs) provide recommendations to institutional investors on how to vote shares of the corporations they own. PAs influence many corporate decisions including composition and operation of corporate boards, executive compensation, auditor selection, and proxy access.

The panel will discuss the regulatory framework that gave rise to the current reliance on PAs, problems arising from that framework, and potential regulatory and legislative reforms.

Scholars will discuss:

  • The impact PAs have on corporate governance and decision-making;
  • How formal regulatory changes and SEC staff interpretations have shaped the proxy advisory landscape; and
  • Why this matters for the broader economy.

Space is limited. Please register online for this event.

This event, planned in accordance with Congressional Ethics rules, is free and open to all congressional and federal agency staff. Lunch will be provided. Due to space constraints, this event is not open to interns. Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Leibundguth at