Scottsdale, AZ Supporter and Friend Lunch

Nov 02, 2011

Event Speakers

Maurice P. McTigue

Vice President, Outreach

Supporters and friends are invited to join the Hon. Maurice McTigue, Vice President of the Mercatus Center, for a special lunch and discussion on how our country can recover from fiscal crisis.

With the current debt crisis and credit downgrade, the prospects for improving our economy must be addressed. In his talk, Maurice will address what works and what does not in recovery from crisis, looking at examples from across the states and around the world. He will also examine the consequences of the Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, and outline what steps need to be taken to create economic growth to spur job creation and restore America’s AAA rating.

This is not a fundraising event and there is no charge to join us. For questions, please contact Ashley Schiller at (703) 993-9228 or