Scottsdale Supporter and Friend Breakfast

Apr 25, 2013Apr 26, 2013

Event Speakers

Antony Davies

Senior Affiliated Scholar

As we wrap up tax time again this year, we’re reminded yet again how complicated our tax code has become. Over the years the tax code has become riddled with language that has made our tax code nearly impossible to understand.

Join us for a special breakfast with one of Mercatus’s affiliated scholars, Dr. Antony Davies, Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, to look at different gimmicks in our tax code as well as share with us how the U.S. debt and deficit has been manipulated by politicians and economists calling for higher tax rates as the solution to balance the budget.

Ant will use 50 years of economic data that proves regardless of how high the U.S. government sets the tax rates, they relatively still receive the same portion and if politicians and economists are serious about balancing the budget, they need to focus less on raising tax revenue and more about growing our economy. Is this a recipe for growth? Come join us and hear for yourself.

This is not a fundraising event and there is no charge to join us. We are pleased to have you as our guest to show our thanks and appreciation to our donors. Dress is business casual. Please invite friends or associates who might be interested.

Questions? Contact Brittany Vorreiter at or (703) 993-4925.