Symposium On Shareholder Access

Dec 10, 2003





Panel Discussion 1: 
What is the Problem? 
Joseph Grundfest
Former SEC Commissioner
and Standford Law

Professor Nell Minow
The Corporate Library

Willliam Paterson
Director of the Office of Investment

Wendy Gramm
Moderator, Regulator Studies Program
Mercatus Center

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Panel Discussion 2: 
What Is The Solution? 
Stuard Gillan
Professor of Finance
University of Delaware 

Jonathan Karpoff
Professor of Finance
University of Washington 

Jay Cochran
Moderator, Regulatory Studies Program
Mercatus Center

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Due to concerns that corporate board members may not be responsive to shareholders, the Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed regulations that would change the nominating process for directors of publicly-held companies.  By giving shareholders greater access to their boards' nominating processes, the SEC regulation hopes to bring the interests of board members and shareholders into closer alignment.  So how will the proposed changes affect corporate governance and shareholder value?


To begin answering that question, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University is hosting a Symposium that brings together shareholder activists, corporate leaders, and leading academics to discuss current research and real world experience regarding the nature of the problem and the proposed solutions.