Taxes, Deficits, Debt, and Gimmicks: Appearance Versus Reality

Dec 13, 2012Dec 14, 2012
Rayburn House Office Building B-369

Event Speakers

Antony Davies

Senior Affiliated Scholar

The federal tax code runs the gamut from complicated to arcane. Over the years the code has become riddled with language that has made our tax code nearly impossible to understand.

To help penetrate these mysteries please join the Mercatus Center for a new Capitol Hill Campus program featuring Dr. Antony Davies, Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, for an exploratory look at different gimmicks in the tax code of the United States, which will feature the following:

• Temporary taxes

• Withheld taxes

• Statutory versus economic taxes

• Complex taxes

• Marginal and average taxes

• Inflation

This lecture is not about the accounting and legal particulars of tax law, but a broader look at disconnects between legislators’ intent, taxpayers’ perceptions, and economic reality.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be a most insightful session. Space is limited. Please RSVP today to reserve a seat.

This event is free and open to all congressional and federal agency staff. This event is not open to the general public. Food will be provided. Due to space constraints, please no interns. Questions? Please contact Erin Connolly, Events Associate, at or (703)993-9913.