What's the Grade on Trade: A Debate

Nov 14, 2006Nov 15, 2006
<p> <strong>B-369 Rayburn House<br /> Office Building</strong> </p>


Russell Roberts
George Mason University
Robert Scott
Economic Policy Institute

Moderated by:

Bruce Stokes
International Economics Columnist
National Journal

As globalization continues to expand, policy makers are forced to make difficult decisions on matters of international trade. Trade policy now reaches into every district in every state. From the clothes on our backs to the televisions in our living rooms, from the food in our pantries to the cars in our driveways, international trade affects the American way of life. Who wins and who loses from the expansion of America's role in the global economy? Should we embrace globalization fully or should we proceed more cautiously?

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is pleased to partner with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University to host an open and honest dialogue on the effects of international trade and trade policy. Drs. Russell Roberts, of George Mason University and Robert Scott, of the Economic Policy Institute will engage Members of Congress in topics such as the trade deficit, the manufacturing sector, jobs, and how international trade affects our standard of living. Both experts will have the opportunity to address the following questions:

  • How does international trade affect the American economy? Who wins and loses from trade?
  • What role does the trade deficit play in our current and future economy? Should Members be concerned about the trade deficit?
  • What does trade do to employment rates? How does trade affect the wages of American workers?