Workshop on Austrian Economics

Aug 12, 2006
<p>Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington: Old Government Buildings<br /> Wellington, New Zealand</p>

Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellows Peter Boettke and Frederic Sautet will be giving a one-day seminar for lawyers, economists, accountants, policy analysts, and others at Victoria University of Wellington Law School.  This is part of the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand.

This seminar will explain economics as the logical study of human behaviour, with no mathematical modelling, no complex models or assumptions about behaviour. This is economics explained in a way that makes it dovetail with law, not just provide a way of analysing law. It leads to fresh viewpoints on policy areas such as competition law, market regulation, macroeconomic planning and so on.

If you have an economics background: you will have your models and assumptions challenged. Break out sessions will give you the opportunity to argue the issues discussed in the lectures with Peter Boettke.

If you have no economics background: you will learn the fundamental principles of economic analysis and also gain fresh insights into the policy areas and particular topics discussed. Breakout sessions with Frederic Sautet will give the chance for questions and answers and discussion to reinforce what has been learned from the lectures.