July 6, 2011

Book: "The Great Stagnation", Tyler Cowen

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Tyler Cowen’s latest book, The Great Stagnation, was reviewed in the Seattle Times.

The thesis of the book is that the American economy has been growing slower in past decades, and will continue to grow slowly, because America “ate all the low-hanging fruit” for its previous growth. Therefore, expect less. Don’t plan your social programs, your private pension plans or your personal investments on the assumption that the economy will grow at an average of 3 percent a year, or even 2 percent. It will be less.


Are the Good Times Never Coming Back?

This excerpt originally appeared in the New York Times' Economix blog on March 22, 2012.

This general theory about the power of women has been propounded before, notably by the economist Tyler Cowen in his recent book “The Great Stagnation.”



NPR Asks President Obama about Tyler Cowen's "Average Is Over"

This excerpt originally appeared in NPR on October 01, 2013: 

The economist Tyler Cowen was on our program the other day. He'd written a book about income inequality. And he argued, based on his analysis, that it's really inevitable, it's going to get worse, and the thing for public officials to do is to adapt to it rather than try to change it.