Freedom in the 50 States 2013 <br /> Coming Soon

Now in its third edition, Freedom in the 50 States presents a completely revised and updated ranking of the American states for the effects of their policies on economic, social, and personal freedoms.

No other ranking is as comprehensive in its approach or thorough in its methodology. In contrast to previous attempts to score economic freedom, authors Jason Sorens and William P. Ruger include far more variables, even on economic policies alone. There are no missing data on any variable. And they use new, more accurate measurements of key variables, particularly state fiscal policies.

In the 2013 edition, the authors have updated their findings to:

include an innovative new technique for aggregating policies into a freedom index based on “victim costs”;

improve and expand measures of business regulation, including new variables for land use, professional, and insurance regulations;

produce an estimate of the “regulatory tax” for each state; and

present results for more sophisticated statistical analyses of freedom’s effects on migration and growth than those in previous editions.

In addition to the latest rankings, the 2013 edition will include historical data and rankings for 2001, highlighting changes in the rankings over the past decade.

Sporting a fresh design and accompanied by complementary economic data and charts, Freedom in the 50 States is a must-have resource for everyone invested in state politics and in the defense of freedom.

Editions of Freedom in the 50 States

Freedom in the 50 States, 2013 Edition — coming in March 2013

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