Civil Society — Successful Nonprofit Organizations

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, we begin our three-part miniseries on Civil Society, hosted by Mikayla Novak who explores civil society, encompassing the practical nature of voluntary mutual assistance outside but entangled with the domains of market and state, the theoretical dimensions of civil society, and the intersection of classical liberalism and civil society.

Joining Novak for this episode is Leah Kral, Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Mercatus Center and author of her book, “Innovation for Social Change: How Wildly Successful Nonprofits Inspire and Deliver Results,” discussing what makes a nonprofit organization successful. Kral begins by detailing her journey through Jamaica which sparked her interest in public policy and, eventually, nonprofit management. She considers the impact of mainline economics and classical liberalism on her work, and explains key factors for nonprofit success including principles of teamwork, incentives for innovation in nonprofits, the role of persuasion, and the importance of remembering one’s mission. As part of the conversation, Kral and Novak explore the meaning of “civil society.”

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