The Four Corners of Liberalism with Peter Boettke & Emily Chamlee-Wright, Pt. 1

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, Peter Boettke & Emily Chamlee-Wright engage in a fruitful discussion of liberalism in its various tenets. In early 2022, Chamlee-Wright penned a piece in Profectus entitled, "The Four Corners of Liberalism: Mapping Out a Common Ground," in which she charts the different types of liberalism with an eye toward respect for all its adherents. Boettke & Chamlee-Wright discuss her framework, including her inspiration for the project, what the four corners entail, and how they can exist in tension with each other without eliminating any one corner. Additionally, they stress the need for an underlying appreciation of markets, which Chamlee-Wright describes as a "learning system" for people.

To read Chamlee-Wright's piece at Profectus click here.

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