Peter Boettke on Austrian Economics and the Knowledge Problem, Pt. 1

On this special crossover episode, Ideas of India podcast host, Shruti Rajagopalan, interviews Peter Boettke on Austrian economics and the knowledge problem. In this, the first half of their conversation, Boettke speaks on the writings of FA Hayek, the knowledge problem, calculation versus coordination, markets and institutions, the marginalists, issues of perfect competition, and much more!

Check back on August 9th for the second part of this conversation or check out the Ideas of India Podcast to get early access to the full episode!

Shruti Rajagopalan is a Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center, a Fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute at New York University School of Law, and host of the Ideas of India Podcast. Previously, she was an Associate Professors of Economics at Purchase College, State University of New York. Learn more about Shruti Rajagopalan's work here.

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