Peter Boettke & Emily Chamlee-Wright on Academia and Entrepreneurship, Pt. 2

In the second half of a two-part series on academia and entrepreneurship, Peter Boettke and Emily Chamlee-Wright share a conversation on research, teaching, and the future of liberalism. Recalling their time in graduate school, the pair reflect on the value of learning to teach well and explore how they both came to view teaching as a joyful and worthwhile duty. Later in the episode, Emily Chamlee-Wright explains some of her findings from post-disaster recovery research and offers her thoughts on how liberals can bridge political divides to unite around a common core.

About Hayek Program Podcast

The Hayek Program Podcast includes audio from lectures, interviews, and discussions of scholars and visitors from the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.