JHET Interview: Karen Vaughn

Bruce Caldwell interviews Karen Vaughn for the Journal of the History of Economic Thought, where she describes her experience being the only woman in her 1960s microeconomics class as well as her early career and research.  Karen Vaughn received her BA in economics from Queens College of the City University of New York in 1966 and her PhD from Duke University in 1971. From 1978 to 2004 she taught at George Mason University. She attended some of the earliest meetings of the History of Economics Society (HES) and was the editor of the HES Bulletin, which was the precursor of the Journal of the History of Economic Thought. Professor Vaughn has served as the president of the HES and the Southern Economic Association (SEA), and was the founding president of the Society for the Advancement of Austrian Economics. She has written books on John Locke and on the Austrian tradition in economics, and numerous articles on a variety of topics in professional journals

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