Implications and Next Steps - A Dialogue Between USAID and Forum 6 Scholar Contributors

Oral comments transcribed from USAID Forum

Oral comments transcribed from USAID Forum 6:

Peter Boettke, Faculty Director, Global Prosperity Initiative, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Forums Moderator

Ed Connerley, USAID Office of Democracy and Governance

Jim Elliott, USAID Office of Economic Growth

John Grayzel, USAID Supervisory Program Officer PPC/P

Nicholas Klissas, USAID, EGAT

Kevin McCabe, Economics and Law, George Mason University

John Nye, Economics and History, Washington University, St. Louis

Steve Pejovich, Economics, Texas A&M University

John Simon, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator

Jonathan Sleeper, USAID Evaluation Division

Richard Wagner, Economics, George Mason University

Fred Witthans, USAID Economic Program Officer, EGAT

Paul Zak, Economics, Claremont Graduate University

Clifford Zinnes, Director of Research Coordination, IRIS Economic Policy Team, Forums Series Director, USAID

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