Emerson T. Brooking on Social Media & Disinformation

On this episode of Virtual Sentiments, Kristen interviews Emerson T. Brooking, a resident senior fellow at the Digital Forensic Research Lab of the Atlantic Council, on the presence of disinformation in social media. Brooking gives his definition of disinformation and highlights particular aspects of social media that frequently interact with the rapid expansion of disinformation. The two also discuss the incentives behind disinformation and how the expansion of one's audience can play into the propagation of disinformation. Brooking goes on to share his views on why disinformation is not a problem to be solved but rather a feature of communications technology to be considered when making decisions. Additionally, Brooking shares how his upbringing in rural Georgia shaped his views of communications technology and gave him insight into the role of local journalism in fostering trust among individuals.

About Virtual Sentiments

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