Leilani Gilpin on Self-Explaining Machines and Autonomous Cars

On this episode of Virtual Sentiments, Kristen Collins interviews Leilani Gilpin, an Assistant Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz, on self-explaining machines and autonomous cars. Gilpin begins by highlighting the limits of artificial intelligence, detailing how machine learning struggles with interpreting details with reference to a broader context. She points out that machines make decisions based on rules but struggle to make exceptions to those rules. Gilpin suggests that since humans learn through self-explanation and dialogical reflection, automonous cars could use these same methods to improve their decision making. Additionally, Gilpin emphasizes the possible role of community input in deciding machine rules.

About Virtual Sentiments

Virtual Sentiments is a new podcast from the Hayek Program in which Kristen Collins interviews scholars and practitioners grappling with pressing problems in political economy with an eye to the past.