Measuring Regulatory Accumulation in the United States

An interactive tool to see the regulatory situation for your state and compare with other states

Over time, policy decisions can lead to a large stock of regulations that may have unintended consequences for businesses and individuals. Research shows that regulatory accumulation leads to lower growth rates for the economy, can have a negative effect on business dynamism, and can exacerbate problems like poverty and income inequality. There are several options available to policymakers who are interested in improving their regulatory environment but understanding what is currently on the books is a necessary first step.

Below is an interactive tool that you can use to get a snapshot the regulatory situation for your state and see how that compares to other states. Please click on any state on the map to learn how many restrictions and words are in its regulatory code, how complex those restrictions are, how many of those restrictions pertain to topics like healthcare and occupational licensing, and how those restrictions are divided by industry classification or agency. You can download these data in bulk here.