November 2, 2009

Exploring TABOR

  • Jonathan William


Mercatus scholars host a series of interviews with with policy scholars, elected officials and other practitioners about state and local legislative and regulatory reforms.

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TABOR (the Taxpayers Bill of Rights) is on the ballot in two states (Maine and Washington) this week for the first time since it was enacted in 1992 in Colorado by voters. TABOR limits state spending from increasing faster than the growth of state population plus inflation in any given year. On this podcast we discuss the orgins of TABOR in California in the 1970s, where Colorado is now after 20 years of TABOR, and what the passage of TABOR in one or both of these states will mean for nation.

Joining us to discuss TABOR is Jonathan Williams, Director of the Tax and Fiscal Policy task force for the American Legislative Exchange Council and a co-author of Rich States, Poor States. Mr. Williams has been working in both Maine and Washington to discuss the benefits of TABOR.