March 29, 2010

Quarterly Economic Update March 2010

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Are we finally on the road to recovery or is there more economic turmoil to come? With markets staying reasonably high but unemployment also remaining high, policymakers, employers, and economists are uncertain about the days to come.  Positive signs, such as 2009 finishing with a GDP of 5.9%, higher than expected, raised a little more confidence in our current situation. Though a major budget crisis is upon us and there is a fear that higher interest rates are just around the corner.

To keep Congressional staffers up to date on the current economic situation, the Mercatus Center hosts quarterly briefings that survey the current economic scene. Special attention is paid to inflation, GDP, unemployment, and interest rates. Hosted by Dr. Bruce Yandle, one of our most popular speakers, these quarterly briefings are free of charge and open to all congressional staffers.

In this quarterly update, Dr. Yandle addresses these questions:

  • Are we on the road to recovery, or is there more economic turmoil to come?
  • What sectors of the economy are bouncing back and which ones are lagging behind?
  • Do we need to worry about inflation?
  • What does unemployment look like and should we expect it to improve?
  • What are the states’ economic outlooks and are some states recovering faster than others?

Learn more by downloading Dr. Yandle’s most recent Economic Situation Report.