Big Tech Developments of 2018

To kick off the year, MIT’s Technology Review did something they’ve done every year since 2001: they picked “10 Breakthrough Technologies” to watch in the coming years. Those breakthroughs varied from 3D metal printing to artificial embryos to ubiquitous and affordable artificial intelligence and everything in between.

We’re not going to go through the list and rank how those predictions turned out, but we are going to bring on our own technology policy experts to get their take on the biggest tech developments of 2018, why they matter, and what to watch for in 2019.

Here to wax nostalgic about 2018 and peer into the future of 2019 we have a couple of experts in tech policy:

  • We’re joined on the phone by Roslyn Layton, visiting scholar with the American Enterprise Institute
  • Jennifer Skees, research fellow here at Mercatus

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