Occupational Licensing Reform in Illinois

The Illinois Approach and Reform Options for Other States

Over the past two years, Illinois has taken multiple steps to reform how it regulates occupational and professional licenses.

Illinois’ reform efforts are part of a broader national movement reexamining the ways in which we license certain professions: in other words, how state governments decide who’s allowed to work in what jobs.

Here to talk about Illinois's success and occupational licensing in general, we have the perfect panel lined up:

  • Secretary Bryan Schneider from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • From the same Department, we’re also joined by the Director of the Professional Regulation Division, Jessica Baer
  • Matt Mitchell, who directs our research program on government granted privilege here at Mercatus

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As our guests noted in the show, you can learn more about state occupational licensing reform efforts by visiting the National Conference of State Legislatures' Occupational Licensing Project, or the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Facebook page.

Photo credit: Sang Tan/AP/Shutterstock