Preventing Bank Failures from Becoming Bank Crises

Today’s episode is part two in our resiliency series. Last time we talked housing and the financial crisis, and we’re not straying too far from that today. We’re going to be talking banking resiliency.

Much of the time, banks are viewed as big, secure buildings where we keep our money and go to get a mortgage. Events like the financial crisis, however, tend to force people in the broader economy to wonder: how do we stop bank crises before they begin?

Today, we’re going to try and get at the heart of that question by discussing what a resilient banking system looks like, whether or not we’re there after a decade of regulatory responses to the crisis, and where there’s room for improvement.

We're joined once again by co-host Brian Knight, Mercatus Center senior research fellow and expert on a wide variety of financial regulatory issues. We're also joined by Victoria Guida, financial services reporter for Politico Pro and Stephen Matteo Miller, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center. 

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Today's What's on Tap beverage features Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, Virginia.

Photo credit: Can Pac Swire/Flickr