State Challenges Conforming to the New Federal Tax Law: An Expert Discussion

State policymakers have a number of changes to debate and new policies to consider as they evaluate alternatives for conforming to the new tax law. To help make sense of the array of choices, the Mercatus Center asked a panel of experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

This podcast features a comprehensive discussion and covers questions such as:

  • What key principles should state lawmakers keep in mind when making changes to the tax code?
  • What are different approaches that various states are considering when it comes to conformity? Do states have years to make these decisions? Months?
  • Why do changes to State and Local Tax deductions have some states a little nervous?
  • How will changes affect the state of Maryland and what specific options are Maryland policymakers currently considering?
  • What are some lessons learned from past changes in federal law?

Mercatus Center
The Hidden Cost of Federal Tax Policy
Economic Perspectives: State and Local Tax Policy 

Tax Foundation
State Revenue Implications and Reform Opportunities Following Federal Tax Reform

Comptroller of Maryland
Effects of Federal Tax Law Revisions on the State of Maryland