Tyler Cowen Announces "Emergent Ventures"

A new fellowship and grant program from the Mercatus Center that seeks to support entrepreneurs and brilliant minds with highly scalable “zero to one” ideas for meaningfully improving society.

Update: Applications for Emergent Ventures are now open.

Today we have a special bonus episode for you, giving you a look inside the Mercatus Center's newest project. Those of you who have followed our work over the past year or so may have noticed an increased attention to the idea of policy moonshots: high-risk, high-reward efforts aimed at dramatically improving the world.

Today, we're taking our own advice. This fall, the Mercatus Center will launch Emergent Ventures, an incubator designed to fund and support dynamic and promising ideas with the potential to improve society.

To talk more about Emergent Ventures, we're joined by special guest, Tyler Cowen.

Tyler is the General Director of the Mercatus Center, and the Holbert Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University. He is the coauthor of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution, cofounder of the online educational platform Marginal Revolution University, and host of the podcast Conversations with Tyler.

Launched with a $1 million grant from the Thiel Foundation, the mission of Emergent Ventures is to jumpstart high-risk, high-reward ideas that advance prosperity, opportunity, and well-being. The fellowship provides participants with the short-term resources and support to quickly develop and test their ideas.

In addition to financial support, participants will have access to mentors and networks in the George Mason community, such as the Mercatus Center’s faculty director, Tyler Cowen, and industry leaders across the country. Emergent Ventures is looking to make a bet on talented individuals with unique ideas for changing the world. Sign up above to keep in touch.

Visit mercatus.org/emergentventures to learn more and sign up for updates. Those interested in participating in the program may also sign up for more information about the application process, which will begin in the fall.