What Is Tax Reform 2.0?

Tax Policy Experts Unpack Representative Kevin Brady's New Proposal

Last month, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady released what he’s calling a “listening session framework” for a second bite at the tax reform apple. While many thought that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last December would be the last we’d hear about tax reform for at least a few years, Brady’s framework gives us the outline for what’s been dubbed “Tax Reform 2.0.”

The plan includes permanent tax cuts, new savings vehicles for families, retirees, and students, and reforms aimed at removing “barriers to growth.”

Since this comes right in the midst of ongoing fallout from Tax Reform 1.0, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on where tax policy is now, and what it might look like if 2.0 becomes a reality.

Here to talk about all things tax, we’ve got an all-star panel lined-up:

  • Bernie Becker, tax reporter for Politico, known to many of you as the brains behind the “Morning Tax” tipsheet
  • Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow here at Mercatus. Veronique is an economist and nationally syndicated columnist whose research focuses on the US economy, the federal budget, homeland security, tax issues, and financial privacy
  • Michael Farren, research fellow here at Mercatus, focusing on the effects of government favoritism as well as labor and economic development and transportation issues

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