MercatusPrograms Archive

  • State and Local Policy Project

    Many states face crushing budget deficits, rising unemployment, and other economic and social ills. The State and Local Policy Project conducts research into the institutional drivers of state and local fiscal challenges to suggest potential solutions.  The project focuses on the relationship between the states and the federal government, interest group dynamics, and the incentives behind budget and spending issues to put forward ideas for sustainable budget reform. 

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  • Social Change Project

    The Social Change Project brings together a global network of interdisciplinary scholars whose research advances an understanding of social change—how societies transition and institutions support markets and progress.

  • Program for Economic Research on Regulation

    The Program for Economic Research on Regulation works to improve the state of knowledge about regulations and their effects on society. The program identifies market-based solutions that achieve regulatory goals, improving the overall performance of the regulatory process, and acts as a resource to scholars and students who share the goal of improving regulatory policy.

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  • Gulf Coast Recovery Project

    In 2005, Mercatus launched a five-year project to follow the long-term redevelopment of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. By combining verbal interviews with people rebuilding the Gulf Coast and quantitative and qualitative data, the Gulf Coast Recovery Project seeks to better understand the array of complex issues facing communities recovering from disaster and the roles that the public, commercial, and non-profit sectors play in rebuilding communities affected by large scale catastrophes.

  • Government Accountability Project

    The Government Accountability Project conducts research and develops tools to improve the transparency of decision-making and the quality of information used to allocate resources, to improve public sector accountability.

  • Global Prosperity Initiative

    The Global Prosperity Initiative addresses the question, "Why do some societies prosper, while others remain stagnant and poor?"  Research findings are applied to problems of international economic development as well as economic stagnation and decline in the United States.

  • Enterprise Africa

    Enterprise Africa seeks to develop and disseminate knowledge about enterprise-based solutions to poverty and the institutional conditions that enable entrepreneurs to improve the quality of lives for themselves and their communities.  Through rigorous case analyses developed through intensive hands-on field research, Enterprise Africa scholars access local knowledge to put forward important institutional lessons about what works in development policy.