April 30, 2008

Book Review of Paul Collier's 'The Bottom Billion'

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In terms of strategies to reduce poverty, Paul Collier falls between Jeffrey Sachs, who calls for a “big push” in foreign aid, and William Easterly, who argues that empowering “seekers” rather than “planners” is the only way to successfully eliminate poverty. Like Easterly, Collier speaks as an insider who recognizes many of the problems associated with the aid business (he was previously director of the Development Research Group at the World Bank), but unlike Easterly, he argues that aid – sometimes substantial amounts of it – will be absolutely necessary to help the poorest countries avoid sliding further behind the developed world. Paul Collier makes a strong case that the world’s billion poorest people face unique challenges that call for strategic development assistance. In the end, however, what is needed most is not more aid but sustained entrepreneurship.


Citation (Chicago-Style)

Boudreaux, Karol, "Book Review 'The Bottom Billion' by Paul Colier,"  Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development 1 (2) (2008).