April 13, 2003

Scoring the Reports: Strongest and Weakest Scores- FY 2002

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Below we explain the strongest and weakest scores under each of the twelve criteria for the 4th Annual Performance Report Scorecard in fiscal year 2002. There are twelve criteria under three concepts: Transparency, Public Benefit and Forward-Looking Leadership.


1. Is the report easily accessible and easily identified as the agency's Annual Performance and Accountability Report?

2. Is the report easy for a layperson to read and understand?

3. Are the performance data valid, verifiable, and timely?

4. Did the agency provide baseline and trend data to put its performance measures in context?

Public Benefits

5. Are the goals and objectives stated as outcomes?

6. Are the performance measures valid indicators of the agency's impact on its outcome goals?

7. Does the agency demonstrate that its actions have actually made a significant contribution towards its stated goals?

8. Did the agency link its goals and results to cost?

Forward-Looking Leadership

9. Does the report show how the agency's results will make this country a better place to live?

10. Does the agency explain failures to achieve its goals?

11. Does the report adequately address major management challenges?

12. Does it describe changes in policies or procedures to do better next year?