February 13, 2000

1st Annual Performance Report Scorecard - Fiscal Year 1999

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The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) requires agencies that fall under the Chief Financial Officers Act to produce annual performance reports.

The purpose of these reports is to identify how much public benefit federal agencies produce for citizens and at what cost, because the American people are entitled to know what benefits they have received from their government's activities.

The Mercatus Center Performance Report Scorecard is designed to encourage continual improvement in the quality of these reports. The Scorecard evaluates these annual reports and then ranks the 24 agencies based on the numerical scores they receive according to criteria in three broad categories:

  1. How transparently the agency reports its successes and failures
  2. How well the agency documents the tangible public benefits it claims to have produced
  3. Whether the agency demonstrates leadership that uses annual performance information to devise strategies for future improvement