February 13, 2001

2nd Annual Performance Report Scorecard - Fiscal Year 2000

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Federal agencies' annual performance reports should give Congress and the public accurate, timely information documenting the tangible public benefits the agencies produce. Researchers at the Mercatus Center conducted our second annual evaluation of the reports produced by the 24 agencies covered under the Chief Financial Officers Act, employing the same criteria to evaluate the fiscal year 2000 performance reports that we employed to evaluate the fiscal year 1999 reports. Our scorecard continues to address three questions:

  • Does the agency report its accomplishments in a transparent fashion that makes accomplishments and problems clear?
  • Does the report focus on documenting tangible public benefits the agency produced?
  • Does the report show evidence of forward-looking leadership that uses performance information to devise strategies for improvement?

By assessing the quality of agency reports, we seek to ascertain which agencies are supplying the information that Congress and the public need to make informed funding and policy decisions.