June 1, 2006

The Political Foundations of Development: The Case of Botswana

  • Scott Beaulier

    Academic Dean, College of Business at North Dakota State University
  • J. Robert Subrick

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Beaulier, Scott and Robert Subrick. "The Political Foundations of Development: The Case of Botswana." Constitutional Political Economy 17, no. 2 (2006): 103-115.

Unlike many of its fellow sub-Saharan countries, Botswana has avoided the African Growth Tragedy. The success lied in the ability of the government of Botswana to successfully adopt growth-enhancing policies. The authors argue that the success stems from three factors. First, the government enhanced its legitimacy by relying on traditional sources of authority. Second, the traditional leaders pursued policies that legitimized the political system. Third, the government did not expend resources on military expenditures during its first decade. The interaction of these factors explain Botswana's success.

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