Staff Contacts

If you're looking to connect with a specific Mercatus representative, please consult the list below. If you can't find who you're looking for, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.


Kate De Lanoy, Director of Communications,

Matthew Boyer,
Kate Brown,
Krista Chavez,
Frank Fuhrig,
Kyle Precourt,
Cory Shreckengost,

Phone: (703) 993-4881

Policy Outreach

Karen Czarnecki, Vice President of Outreach,

State Team

Tia Jacobs, (262) 498-7526
Eric C. Johnson, (703) 993-4977
Michael Aguilar, (703) 993-8205
Michael Hogg,

Federal Team
Brett King, (703) 993-4957
Jessica Paska, (703) 993-9016
Kyle Roskam, (703) 993-8287

External Relations Team
Pat DiFrancesco, (703) 993-9023
Chris Myers, (703) 993-8050

Academic Outreach

Ben Klutsey, Director of Academic Outreach,
Devin Scanlon,


Dan Butler, Senior Director of Development, dbutler@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot

Rhett Butler, Director of Donor Communications, rbutler@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Neil Eckard, Director of Development Operations, neckard@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot

Mohamad Elbarasse, Director of Corporate Relations, melbarasse@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Sarah Jenislawski, Director of Foundation Relations, sjenislawski@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Jim Johnston, Director of Marketing, jjohnston@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot

Ashley Schiller, Director of Donor Relations, ashiller@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Ali Tooley, Director of Strategic Partnerships, atooley@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Brad Dick, Manager of Donor Relations, bdick@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot

Haley Grubbs, Development Associate,
Chris Jarvis, Manager of Foundation Relations, cjarvis@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Alex Kiselica, Manager of Donor Relations, akiselica@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Amy Lutz, Manager of Donor Relations, alutz@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Andrea Roncal, Senior Development Associate, aroncal@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Anna Ross, Development Operations Coordinator, aross@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot
Thomas Ressler, Manager of Foundation Relations, tressler@mercatus.gmu.eduView Headshot