Puerto Rico | 2023 State Drone Scorecard

Outlining Puerto Rico's readiness for commercial drone services

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Because our data source does not provide drone jobs numbers for US territories, we have omitted Puerto Rico from the rankings.

The Six Factors Contributing to the Overall Score

A Score in Gray Indicates a Score Below the Median of All States

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Airspace Lease Law
Puerto Rico law does not allow public authorities to lease low-altitude airspace above territory and local roads. An airspace lease law would allow territory or local officials to create drone highways above these roadways.

0 / 25

Avigation Easement Law
Puerto Rico law does not create an avigation easement, which means drone operators may be subject to nuisance and trespass laws, even if their drones do not disturb people on the ground.

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Task Force or Program Office
Territory leaders should consider convening a territory-wide drone task force or creating a drone program office.

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Puerto Rico does not have a drone sandbox. Territory officials should consider dedicating state facilities and airspace to commercial drone testing.

10 / 10

Law Vesting Landowners with Air Rights
Puerto Rico law expressly provides air rights to landowners, which reduces litigation risk for drone operators. 


Jobs Estimate
Our data source does not provide jobs data for Puerto Rico, so we do not have a drone jobs estimate for the territory. We also do not rank the territory overall.

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