Symposium on Teaching Austrian Economics


This symposium intends to shed light on distinctively Austrian approaches to economic education. This introductory essay provides an overview of this symposium and its contributors. We first provide our rationale and motivation for assembling the special issue. We then describe the papers and their interactions.

You hold in your (digital) hands a special issue of the Journal of Economics and Finance Education devoted entirely to Austrian perspectives on economic education. The papers contained in this special issue primarily come from a pair of economic education sessions organized for the 2010 meetings of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. The raison d’être of the sessions was to get Austrian economists together to discuss the distinctively Austrian dimensions in their practice of economic education. For us as editors, our reason for organizing the sessions and this special issue is straightforward. While both of us identify more with the Virginia School of Political Economy associated with James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock than with the Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek, we both have read and studied the works of Austrian economists to the betterment, we feel, of our teaching and research. As “fellow travelers” of Austrian economics, we also know many inspiring and exceptional teachers that are followers of the Austrian School. How does Austrian economics inform economic education and student development? So began the idea for the sessions and this symposium.

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