South Africa Election: Policy Recommendations for a New Government

As South Africa faces a new round of parliamentary elections in April 2009, the country confronts a host of difficult political challenges. This Mercatus on Policy provides recommendations for any

As South Africa faced parliamentary elections in April 2009, the country was confronting a host of difficult political and economic challenges. How politicians faced those challenges and how they managed the transition period were issues of concern for policy makers around the world.

In a pre-election analysis of the situation, the authors focus on three domestic policy issues that they believe are important to expanding opportunities for South Africa's poor: employment, education, and security. In addition, they also focus on three foreign policy issues that we believe are significant to leveraging South Africa's unique position in international affairs: regional integration, good governance, and public and cultural diplomacy. As the post-election history unfolds, these issues remain critical for growth, and the recommendations of Boudreaux and van der Walt present key truths for moving forward.


Citation (Chicago-Style)

Boudreaux, Karol and Johan van der Walt. "South Africa Country Brief." Mercatus on Policy No. 39, Arlington, VA: Mercatus Center at George Mason University, 2009.

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