April 9, 2010

The Economic Impact of Taxes

Garett Jones

Senior Research Fellow

To help staffers on Capitol Hill better understand the economics of taxation and our current tax options, the Mercatus Center hosted this lecture by Dr. Garett Jones, Assistant Professor of Economics at George Mason University.  In his talk, Dr. Jones provides a fundamental overview of taxation and explores how shifts in tax policy affect individual behavior and the economy as a whole.

Dr. Jones discusses such questions as:

  • How do taxes affect the incentives of individuals and firms?
  • What are the economic and social trade-offs of different types of taxes and taxation systems?
  • If we had to raise taxes, which tax would have the least effect on economic activity?
  • What are the implications of a Value Added Tax (VAT)?

This lecture is part of the Mercatus Center's Capitol Hill Campus program. Capitol Hill Campus brings faculty and accessible academic research to policy makers and makes scholars aware of policy makers’ needs for relevant analysis of public policy problems. Through timely and relevant educational programs and continuing legal education opportunities on Capitol Hill, as well as one-on-one consultations with expert faculty members, Mercatus provides policy makers with sound, market-based ideas to inform their decisions.