January 14, 2015

From Fortress to Frontier: How Innovation Can Save Health Care

Robert Graboyes

Former Senior Research Fellow

Despite the fierce debate over health care policy, the political Left and Right are more alike than they realize. Both have spent decades pursuing policies that obstruct health care’s capacity to save lives, ease suffering, and cut costs.

In this brief video produced by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Robert Graboyes explains how we can refocus America’s health care debate to accomplish the real goal of health care reform: better health for more people at lower costs year after year. The secret ingredient is simple: unleash innovation.

To replicate the kinds of revolutionary innovation seen in other fields like information technology, health care policymakers need to discard the Fortress mentality that has constrained medical advances and adopt a Frontier attitude that tolerates calculated risks and welcomes competition from diverse practitioners and disciplines.

To learn more, visit mercatus.org/frontier and view the latest op-ed by Dr. Graboyes at PBS Newshour on “Why We Need to Liberate America’s Health Care.”