October 4, 2007

Island Hoping: US-Cuba Policy A Debate

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Tim Roemer (D-IN)

Former Congressman Mauricio Claver Carone 
Executive Director
Cuba Democracy Advocates It appears Father Time is succeeding in doing something US Presidents have tried to accomplish for decades; remove Fidel Castro from power. Despite the policies of multiple

U.S. Presidents and the fact that he has passed along power to his brother, Fidel Castro's influence on government policy remains strong. Although US policymakers agree that the establishment of a Cuban liberal political and economic system is an important goal, there are multiple opinions over the best way to accomplish it. While one side argues that the current trade and travel embargo is an effective method of breaking down the Castro regime, the other side argues in favor of pushing economic growth through trade as being more effective. The US-Cuba debate blurs political lines, yet carries profound implications for the Cuban people as well as US multilateral relations.

To explore those implications, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University , in conjunction with the Center for National Policy, hosts a special symposium featuring Rep. Jeff Flake, former congressman Tim Roemer and Mauricio Claver Carone of Cuba Democracy Advocates.