May 1, 2012

The Search for Solutions: Looking Beyond Prescriptive Regulation

J. W. Verret

Senior Affiliated Scholar

Jerry Brito

Former Senior Research Fellow

Henry Butler

This seminar reviews the menu of options available for solving problems, and how to recognize factors that indicate whether an agency has adequately identified and evaluated options relevant to a specific problem and the intended outcomes.

The discussion panel includes Jerry Brito and J.W. Verret, Mercatus scholars and professors at George Mason University School of Law, and Henry Butler, Executive Director of the Law and Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law. The panel addresses these issues from the perspective of three major policy areas:

  • Technology – Is regulation necessary to ensure cybersecurity? What should we know about market responses to cyber threats before we select a course of action?
  • Health Care – What is the market failure in health care? What roles do the federal and state governments have in finding solutions?
  • Financial Markets – When does federal pre-emption produce bad outcomes in financial regulation? How to recognize a regulatory failure and what to do about it.