October 18, 2007

Southern Comfort: Economic Development In Latin America - Part 3: MCC Compacts in Practice

Session Three: Thursday, October 18th: MCC Compacts in Practice

Stacy Rhodes -

Managing Director for Latin America Millenium Challenge Corporation

Dr. Frederic Sautet - Senior Research Fellow Mercatus Center

Latin America has historically been an important region for American foreign policy. Billions have been given in the name of economic development, and yet prosperity has eluded millions within its population.

So what is the key to developing sustainable economies in Latin America? How have some countries been able to find moderate success in creating prosperity? What role can foreign aid play in facilitating this process?

These questions are a matter of life and death for the poor people in Latin America. To delve deeper into the causes and effects of poverty throughout the region, the Mercatus Center at George Mason is pleased to partner with the Millennium Challenge Corporation for a three-day course held exclusively for policy makers. By combining both theory and practice, this course provides policy makers with a strong framework in which to analyze the current economic environment in Latin America.