September 27, 2013

Tax Reform: Simplification is a Good Policy

Antony Davies

Senior Affiliated Scholar

Antony Davies presents a case for why the tax code should be simplified at this Capitol Hill Campus event.


Full event video

Antony Davies Discusses the Impact of Taxing Corporations

No Getting Around Social Security and Medicare Taxes

Historical Tax Rates vs Historical Tax Revenue

Audience Participation: How To Pay Down Debt

Average Tax Rate Is 50% with 92% Marginal Rate

Increasing Average Tax Rates to 50% to Balance Budget

Most Important in Setting Tax Rates Is the Signal Sent to the Not Yet Rich

Marginal Tax Affects Behavior, Average Affects Decisions

Welfare Marginal Tax Rate to Stay in the Poor Class

Taxing 18% Flat Tax

Children Fund the Bulk of the Calendar Year

Tax Rates Include Transfers