November 18, 2008

Understanding The Financial Crisis

Sarah Nutter

Senior Scholar

Houman Shadab

Former Affiliated Scholar

Todd Zywicki

Senior Fellow, F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Ongoing financial market turmoil is leading policymakers to consider increasingly complex regulation for a complex financial world. But without a sound understanding of both the causes of recent instability and the effects of proposed policies, swift action could to lead to undesired outcomes. To help policymakers better understand the issues before them and the decisions they face the Mercatus Center has assembled some of the brightest academic minds to form the Financial Markets Working Group.

Drawing upon the Mercatus Center's expertise in regulatory analysis, the Financial Markets Working Group combines scholarly research with a deep understanding of the policy process to offer productive ideas to address the serious problems in financial markets. The Mercatus Center's Financial Markets Working Group leads the effort to inform forthcoming policy debates with rigorous economic analysis and through credible academic research. Featuring Sarah Nutter, Houman B. Shadab, and Todd Zywicki.